How did I get here – Part 2

I moved to a Pentecostal church. They did odd things like speak in tongues, have words of prophecy, and stuff that just frightened the living daylights out of me when I first heard it. God gradually helped me understand that these were gifts from His spirit and I gradually found them less scary! Soon I found myself playing and singing songs that I had written during the services and was surprised when they touched the hearts of the people present in the meeting. After all these were “just the songs I wanted to sing to God”, but He seemed to take them to bless and minister to others (it’s wonderful isn’t it!). The church would often have weekends where a guest speaker would come and preach on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. By this time I was playing for worship and fully involved in prayer meetings and Young Peoples meeting. During one of these weekends a guy came who was billed as having the gift of ‘slaying people in the Spirit’. I had never heard this phrase before and I can’t say I liked the sound of it! Anyway arrive on the Friday he did, we had worship, and I listened as he preached on the gifts of the Spirit. He then made an appeal for people to go forward and I watched as he prayed for them and they fell on the floor! This was way before the Toronto Blessing and I had never seen anything like it. In fact I remember saying to God “if you want to do that to me you are going to have to come and get me!” this was a bad mistake…the following night we had worship and the preach and sure enough he asked for people to come forward. I stayed very firmly in my seat there was no way, I mean no way that was happening to me! I was wrong, the man stepped down from the platform walked right up to me and said “are you coming with me sister” God had come to get me! The cheek of it, He had actually listened to my prayer! I had learnt enough to know that I had better obey! So there I was standing there with the man in front of me, he asked me to put my hands out in front of me, after that I really don’t know what he prayed because I was standing there saying “I am not going to fall down, I am not going to fall down, I am not…” I was on the floor! I had no idea what I was doing there, one minute I was protesting and the next I was lying flat down on the carpet. Whatever next!