What do you do when the conference is over?

Not long been home from the Detling Summer Celebration. Well I say home it’s only down the hill and I work there so I guess I don’t ever really go home!

Seriously though what do you do when you’ve had week full of excellent teaching, great worship and been challenged by God? What do you do with a head and heart full of God stuff?

Once you’ve got back home to “normal life” does it wash off like the camping smell once you’ve put your clothes in the washing machine or does the fragrance linger?

As God’s people we are not merely called to information, but to transformation and habitation. We are called to live in God’s presence and to be carriers of that presence into the world we live in. We are called to be transformed people so that people around us and situations around us are transformed. The fragrance should linger, it should not only linger it should change the fragrance of the world to be more like the fragrance of Jesus.

So here’s the challenge take your Jesus-fragrance and stink up the world with God!