Are you a Grand Design?

One of my favourite programmes is Grand Designs. The couple concerned always start out with their grand plan, the budget, and a sense of innocence and excitement for the adventure ahead. Then about half way through the programme something happens…Kevin McCloud’s head starts wobbling at this point you know it looks like a disaster may ensue. In fact the more wobbly the head the greater the impending doom!

It has struck me recently that our lives are a bit like a Grand Design. We start of with so much potential and the adventure ahead of us. As we grow up we start making our plans. When we are young we want to be train drivers, firemen, nurses etc etc. My 3 year old Godson currently wants to be a boiler engineer as he wants a van with a ladder on it!

Proverbs (a book in the Bible) tells us that we can plan our path but our steps are ordered by the Lord and it is certainly my experience that that is so.

I have planned many things for my life, career, family, even God stuff, but God has taken me on a path I never expected, I have dreamed dreams some of which have been fulfilled and others that haven’t – yet! There have been some very ‘wobbly head’ moments where if Kevin was looking at my grand design he would have been very concerned indeed that disaster or even destruction was going to befall me!

Life can be good, bad and sometimes ugly (at least that’s been my experience so far) but in all of it I see God’s Grand Design, some things I see with the benefit of hindsight, some I can see right now and some I have no idea at all but HE does! There are still many things in my heart to do for HIM and so I press on to to take hold of that for which HE took hold of me.

When I stand before HIM He will see HIS grand design and I pray HE will be pleased, that HE will have heard the song of my life and it will have been a Sweet Sweet Sound!