As I write this the weather outside isn’t frightful and it’s not snowing, at least not any more!

At St Luke’s we’ve been reading the 1 year chronological bible, so when we got to September Eric proudly announced to the Church that Jesus was coming! It had been 8 months in the Old Testament. The Jewish Nation had been waiting for 100’s of years for ‘Messiah’ I had only been waiting 8 months but it felt like forever! I was so excited that He was coming.

So I try to imagine what it was like for a young girl to be told that God had chosen her to carry HIS Son, that she was going to be the one who gave birth to Messiah and bring an end to all that waiting. I try to imagine what the Shepherds, those viewed as the rag bags of society, would have felt like to be the ones to whom the heavenly host appeared. I try to imagine what Herod thought when he was told that Messiah was born although, thanks to scripture, I don’t have to try too hard.

Most of all I think about what it means to me…

It means that God – maker, creator and sustainer of the universe left all that behind to become vulnerable, human, like me.

It means that God – who parted the Red Sea, freed the Israelites from Egypt, spoke to Moses from the burning bush came to earth to speak to us in person.

It means that God – who in the Old Testament could only be approached by the Priest in the Holy of Holies, died to give us real relationship with HIM so we could approach HIM anytime, anywhere.

So what does it mean to you?

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.