So it’s Chelsea again…

Picture of some flowers

It’s May today is my birthday and so it’s time for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show to appear on our TV screens.

On Monday Her Majesty walked the grounds together with lots of celebraties and on Tuesday the gardeners were awarded medals for their creations.

But none of that is the reason why I love it. I like flowers! They are infinite in their varieties and just looking at them makes the world better!

Psalms says,

O LORD what a variety of things you have made!
In your wisdom you have made them
The earth is full of your creatures

Psalm 104:24

Whilst there are not many creatures at the Flower show there is a display of Gods Variety!! even flowers which are the same on the inside are very different on the outside. Take roses there are climbers, shrub, single flowers, & big blousey blooms.

We are very much like the flowers I see at Chelsea, pretty much on the inside we are all the same, bones and organs all in the same place but on the outside we are infinitely different, we have different gifts and talents, we are part of God’s variety – we are unique and the world needs our uniqueness. If we were a Garden at Chelsea we would all be best in show!