7 weeks ago I believed I could fly!! Part 1

Over the next few posts I will be telling you the tale of my latest attempt to fly!

I was leaving for work one morning and it was raining and I didn’t want to get wet. You know what it’s like you’ve just done your hair and got ready and the last think you want is to get all frizzy! So I hopped out of the house to run to the car except I didn’t. I caught my heal on the surround of the door and threw myself across the pavement in, if I do say so myself, quite spectacular fashion – it was at this moment I realised I couldn’t fly!

Once over the shock and, with Matt’s help, got myself up off the floor I went back into the house. The usual things then ensued taking off my wedding, eternity and engagement rings so if my fingers swelled up I wouldn’t need to get them cut off and then the washing of wounds!

At this point I thought I’d got away with cuts and bruises. It was only as the morning went on that my little finger began to swell up and hurt, although I was not letting on how much!! My colleagues were quite concerned but I was trying my best to ignore it!!!

Ok confession time…

I can be quite stubborn and I really didn’t fancy a trip to casualty. When I broke my toe I insisted we still went to dinner with friends despite not being able to walk and sitting in the car with a bag of frozen veg on my foot and then playing at a wedding the next day before finally agreeing to ring NHS direct. And then 4 weeks later standing on it for about 9 hours a day to lead worship and sing at Detling. Yes I know it’s nothing to be proud of but it is true!

Enough confession back to the story…

Eventually I gave in and went to casualty & 2 hours and 10 mins and a couple of photos later they told my I had 2 fractures and a dented in bone in the bottom part of my finger. Now your thinking got of lightly or so what. Well this was the little finger of my left hand the same hand I use to play my guitar and lead worship – this was not good news!

Now I believe God can heal, it says so in the bible and I’ve seen Him heal others both at St Luke’s and at Detling. Ok I thought I am due to attend a healing meeting tonight, Matt and I will leading worship at healing rooms Sunday night and we’re due to go to another healing conference on Tuesday before I go back to the fracture clinic in a weeks time. So I figured by this time I would be healed!!! What a great witness to the consultant and to my friends and family…

To be continued