7 weeks ago I believed I could fly – Part 3


So now I’m worried 3 weeks to the worship event and I need physio and the NHS are not renowned for moving quickly except if it’s life threatening when they are fab – which I guess is kind of when you want then to be fab eh!!!

Now before you all get on your bibles out and start quoting scriptures about not being worried I know. This is just one of those areas I have to work hard at! Fortunately God has done loads in this area of my life but I like you am still a work in progress. He has blessed me by giving me Matt who, together with God, is my voice of reason!

That night we attended at a church meeting and got some prayer and wow! Jesus moved it a good deal. I still couldn’t make a fist but it was much closer. I was encouraged and excited. Also attending the meeting was a friend who was an OT and she offered to do some physio so I wouldn’t have to wait for the hospital. We arrange this for a few days time after a worship and prayer event that St Luke’s was hosting in Maidstone.

Saturday came and I played the keyboard for the first time and after an hour my finger really ached! After the meeting true to her word my friend gave me some physio and wow wow wow!!! I can make a fist for the first time!!!! Jesus certainly used her and I am sure He has gifted her hands for healing. She showed Matt how to massage my finger and so the physio routine started in the Gallagher house. At 5.5 weeks finger is still really stiff in the morning but get it in some hot water and it started to loosen up so I try and play my guitar. Can make all the shapes but no strength and can’t put on a lot of pressure but it’s all progress!

So we arrive at week 6 the week before the worship event and how are things? Great we had a full Detling rehearsal on the Saturday and I played all day (bit sore by the end of the day )but all good and good to go for the worship event we are playing at in week 7.

So what have I learnt?
Don’t try and fly you can’t ( at least not without the aid of an aeroplane!)
Be patient – God has designed our bodies brilliantly and sometimes He wants us to work with that process!
Don’t be stubborn – its not always a bad thing to let people help you!
Be thankful for the gifts God has given to friends – encourage them!
Be thankful for all the prayers people pray for you – whether you know it or not someone somewhere is praying for you.

Now the Thank yous

Thank you God for healing me and teaching me these things ( would like to have learned them in a less painful way so if we could do that next time that would be great!)
Thank you Matt for your support and patience and for putting up with me running into the living room every two minutes to show you how far my finger bends!!!
Thank you to wonderful friend (you know who you are) for the physio and I pray increase on all your gifts
Thank you Detling, St Lukes and work family for all your prayers and support. I am truly grateful.
Finally thank you St Luke’s worship team for your support and all the extras you had to do – you are fab.

So I guess you want to know what the worship event is – blog coming soon!!!!