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Wow what a week!

Detling is over for another year, but I have so many highlights, here are just a few:

Gerrard Kelly’s morning bible studies about four aspects of the song God sings over us that we are beautiful – God sees us a beautiful,- we are broken but the God of universe heals our brokenness, forgiven – God loves us and is running to meet us, He has forgiven us and invited- we are invited by God Himself to a heavenly party.

RT Kendall – reminding us that we need to forgive God that disappointment comes but we need to let God of the hook.

Arianna Walker’s message about Esther. That God is not the source of our pain but the resource for our healing.

Patrick Regan reminded us that God is involved in our everyday that there is no ceiling to Hope & that hope is available to all.

There will be different highlights for each of us and I am sure you will have many more.

It is a priviledge to lead worship at Detling and it is truely humbling to be in a position to see our Father moving in the lives of our Detling family during the week. Thank you for being passionate worshippers, our Father loves our corporate and our individual songs to Him and I pray this week you will have heard His song over you.

Many of you have asked where you can get the songs we have been singing. Leigh Barnard and Matt have also posted info on their site and there is also a list below:

Song list Detling 2012
*You are good – Brian Johnson et al – Bethel Live
*You have saved us – Paul Baloche – Glorious
*I will exalt – Amanda Falk – Bethel Live
*I asked you for life – Kim Walker-Smtih – Here is my song
*At You Name – Phil Wickham & Tim Hughes – Spirit Break out
*One thing remains – Brian jonson et al – Bethel Live
*Freedom Reigns – Jason Upton – Bethel Live
*Deep cried out – William Matthews et al – Bethel Live
*Fall afresh – Jeremy Riddle – Loft sessions
*I come before you – Helen Gallagher
*How great is your love (All glory) – Nikki Fletcher, Martin Smith & Tim Hughes –
Spirit Break Out.
*Above all else – Rend Collective – Organic Family Hymnal
*10,000 Reasons – Matt Redman et al – 10,000 reasons
*Your love never fails – Chris Quilala – Your love never fails
*Jesus Emmanuel – Matt & Helen Gallagher
*I need no other – Todd Agnew – Need
*Awaken Us – Matt & Helen Gallagher
*We still believe- Kathyrn Scott – We still believe
*Sing my love (Can’t hold my love back from you)-Kim Walker-Smith -Your love never fails

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