Fire Training

We recently had fire training at St Lukes. As well as the exciting time of setting off the fire extinguishers I was really struck by a couple of things the trainer said…

“A fire has to exist to grow” & “A fire needs fuel to keep going – shut off the fuel and the fire goes out”

A fire has to exist to grow
You probably know this but every fire has a different iginition point and this got me to thinking about how each of us relates to God. Holy Spirit relates to us in so many different ways – how God speaks to me is not how he will speak to you. This has implications for us as leaders of worship in our churches. If God speaks to everyone in different ways why is most of our worship centrered around singing and speaking? For quite a while now I have been thinking about how we can expand our experience of worship make more room for art, dance, silence, video. We need to think wider in order to help our family ignite and grow.

A fire needs fuel to keep going – shut off the fuel and the fire goes out
As worship leaders we assist with being “fire starters” but we also need to give room for Holy Spirit to fan the flames. We have a responsibility to help our church families to feed the fire during the week, we can encourage them to read scripture, pray, listen to podcasts, worship to CD’s, soak, journal, spend time listening to what God wants to say to them – as well as doing these things ourselves!

As individuals within the body of Christ we need to feed our fires so we are combustable carriers and shares of His fire & presence!

As Johnny Storm from the Fantastic Four might say – Flame on!!!

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